GeoRocket Products

Enterprise and Open-Source features

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The Open-Source edition (OSS) contains less features than the Professional edition (Pro)

GeoRocket OSS
GeoRocket Pro
High-performance store for geospatial files
Spatial queries
Search for attributes, layers, tags, and bounding boxes
Schema agnostic
Maintain multiple files with different schemas in the same store
Format preserving
Completely restore imported files when exporting and never lose information again
File formats
Import/Export GML or CityGML files
Feature collections and geometries
Binary files
Store textures, orthophotos and other geospatial file formats
Additional indexers
Make use of more indexers for various file formats and schemas
File system
Store chunks on your local hard drive
Distributed file system
Use a distributed file system such as HDFS or Ceph as data store
Reliable, scalable and fast NoSQL data store
Amazon S3
Store your chunks in the Cloud
Command line
Import, export, search and other features on the command line
Admin web app
Control GeoRocket with a web-based graphical user interface
Web visualization
Data stored in GeoRocket can be visualized in 2D and 3D in a web browser
Cluster metrics
Detailed information about GeoRocket's status, work load and performance
HTTP interface
Access GeoRocket from within your application via HTTP
Client/server API
Use our client and server API (Java) and develop apps and extensions
User authentication
Create users and groups, assign roles and permissions
Enterprise accounts
Connect to a Single Sign-On (SSO) system or our enterprise directory (e.g. LDAP)
Secure your data in the Cloud against unauthorized access
Data management
Data processing
Connect GeoRocket with the GeoToolbox and apply various processing services
Secondary data store
Maintain derived or pre-processed data (e.g. different levels of detail, or glTF files)
Store multiple versions of your data and access the history
GeoRocket is reactive, scalable and ready for the Cloud
Run GeoRocket on a serverless infrastructure such as AWS Lambda
Get updates and bug fixed for your GeoRocket edition
Installation support
Get help with installing and running GeoRocket
Enterprise support
8x5 support