GeoRocket 1.0.0

The first stable version of GeoRocket has just been released

The new GeoRocket version 1.0.0 has just been released. GeoRocket is a high-performance data store for geospatial files. It can store 3D city models (e.g. CityGML), GML files or GeoJSON data sets.

GeoRocket provides the following features:

  • High performance data storage with multiple back-ends such as Amazon S3, MongoDB, distributed file systems (e.g. HDFS or Ceph), or your local hard drive (enabled by default)
  • Support for high-speed search features based on the popular Open-Source framework Elasticsearch. You can perform spatial queries and search for attributes, layers and tags.
  • GeoRocket is made for the Cloud. Based on the Open-Source toolkit Vert.x it is reactive and can handle big files and a large number of parallel requests.
  • GeoRocket exists in two editions–an Open-Source version and a Pro edition for enterprise applications

Try GeoRocket while it’s still hot!

More information

For a complete list of features visit our website. You will also find a user documentation and other information.

If you have questions, ideas or comments regarding GeoRocket or any of our other services feel free to contact us.